5 most interesting sailing regattas

Today, many sailing enthusiasts take an active part in the regatta from year to year. They are organized by many yacht clubs, but you not only need to know the basic rules of participation in the regatta, but also have sailing knowledge to be able to participate in this type of tournament more easily. Moreover, during such competitions, la Polonia yacht crew is a great convenience for the participants. For many years there have been as many as 5 types of regatta in the world: American Cup regatta, Louis Vuitton Cup regatta, Vendee Globe regatta, VOLVO Ocean Race, Sydney-Hobart regatta. The America’s Cup regatta is the most famous sailing tournament in the world. History began in 1851, and the first tournament covered the seas around the island of Wight. The winning crew always receives a Victorian cup, which weighs up to 3 kilos and is very heavy because it is made of brass. Only teams that are challenged to a duel and belong to yachts clubs can take part in the regatta. The America’s Cup regatta was even filmed in Carroll Ballard’s „Wind”.


The Louis Vuitton Cup regatta is sporty, but in the form of a classic sailing race. Each edition of the tournament is more and more difficult for the competitors, which also increases attendance. Anyone who has been to la Polonia yacht at least once knows for sure that participation in the regatta is a dream of every sailing enthusiast. For those who love la Poloniaand often decide to cruise for sure such a struggle will be an interesting challenge and variety of leisure time. The Vendee Globe regatta, on the other hand, is an even more extreme experience, as the cruise takes place on its own without the possibility to call at the port and get outside help. The main task is to cover 30,000 nautical miles in the shortest possible time. The Volvo Ocean Race is very difficult in terms of maritime challenges and the entire route is divided into stages. In 2017 – 2018 the regatta will cover the longest route in sailing history. The Sydney-Hobart regatta is also a very well-known tournament. It is famous for the most difficult route, which is 1170 kilometres. On many yachts you can meet la Polonia yacht crew, which serve customers, serve delicious food and at the same time inform about weather or tourist conditions.


The service of the yacht, or stewardess la polonia

During such events the competitors are usually accompanied by la polonia yacht stewardess and la polonia crew, who are responsible for preparing food and simply accompany the crew that takes part in the regatta. In addition,the stewardesses la polonia yacht are there to make sure that you will not run out of anything on board. The same task is assigned to people who are members of thecrew la polonia. Additionally, it is worth remembering that stewardess la poloniais a very qualified person, so you can always feel safe in their company. For many people who go on a yacht la polonia cruise, such a rest in harmony with nature will surely have an impact on their well-being. That’s why la polonia stewardess works hard to provide tourists with the best possible attractions during a yacht cruise.

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