Housewarming gift

Did your friends move to a new apartment? It’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate! As tradition says, when you first visit new hause, you should bring a gift for hosts. A gift for a new apartment should be universal and practical. What gift would be most appreciated? Check our tips and find the best option!

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A perfect gift for a wedding

Summer annually means one – wedding season! You are on the list of guests invited to the ceremony and you have no gift idea for the bride and groom? We have some gift ideas for you. Check our advices and find a perfect gift!

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The most suitable fabrics for tailored dress

Would you like to have a tailored dress but you do not know what fabric to choose from? Which one is suitable for tailored everyday dresses and which will look beautiful at an evening dress? This article will point out some excellent choices for the tailored dresses. Read more

Frying pans with non-stick coating

In the home accessories shop we can find a whole range of frying pans made from a variety of substances, which are designed to facilitate and while away daily cooking. Among the vastness of the available models, it is very popular to have pans with non-stick coatings. Is it worth investing in such dishes? What coating works best in the kitchen? Read more

How to care for cutlery?

Cutlery is a basic kitchen equipment. We use them several times every day, it accompanies us during family celebrations and romantic dinners. Elegant tableware and a set of sturdy cutlery are a duet that affects both the aesthetics of the table and the convenience of eating food. Unfortunately, intensive use may result in the destruction of the cutlery’s surface. How to care for knives, spoons, and forks to keep their perfect, flawless look for many long years? Read more

What are benefits of wet room kits?

Life, which provides us with new dilemmas at every turn, consists of continuous choices. Technological development means that we have more and more of them. The reason is simple – the more products on the market, the bigger the problem with what you decide to do. Until recently, the biggest trouble when arranging a bathroom was: a bath or a shower with wet room kits? Now, deciding on the second exit, there is another dilemma: a traditional shower or a linear drain? Read more

Thing about the kinds of shower outflow

The bathroom in our apartment does not have to be the same as the owner neighboring our apartment. Despite the same usable space, its arrangement and functionality thanks to the wide range of bathroom ceramics, tiles, plumbing components and even decorative items available on the building market can become an original and visually attractive room. Read more

How is a good linear drain characterized by?

Already in almost every bathroom there is a shower cabin. However, more and more people are opting for such a construction without a traditional shower tray. Instead, the walls of the cabin are placed directly on a specially profiled floor in which it is necessary to install special drains. Effective dehydration in cabins of this type guarantee linear outflows, which additionally constitute a shower decorative element. Read more

What should be remembered in case of linear drains?

There are many different ways to bathroom facilities in place to bath. There are many possibilities. From ordinary simple baths through exclusive Jacuzzi to shower cabins. Options to choose from are many. Bathing areas are becoming increasingly popular. This is the space in the bathroom with a shower attached to the wall. It differs from the ordinary shower cabin in that there is virtually no surface limitation. Remember, however, about the proper drainage. In this type of zone most commonly used are linear drains.

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Problem with linear drain

Many people have shower facilities in their homes. This is a solution in some respects better than a bathtub, primarily because it takes up considerably less space. However, there are other advantages of this solution, such as faster bathing. Unfortunately, in case of showering, clog drainage may also occur. How to cope if there is a popular clutter?

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