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Frying pans with non-stick coating

In the home accessories shop we can find a whole range of frying pans made from a variety of substances, which are designed to facilitate and while away daily cooking. Among the vastness of the available models, it is very popular to have pans with non-stick coatings. Is it worth investing in such dishes? What coating works best in the kitchen?


The non-coating layer is synonymous with convenience in the kitchen. Unfortunately, numerous studies have confirmed that teflon cookware, when heated to high temperature (when cooking or frying, for example) can release fumes that are harmful to humans and environment.
Ceramic-coated pots – pleasant cooking
The main task of the ceramic coating is to minimize sticking food to the surface of the pot or frying pan. The high-quality frying pans are covered with innovative coatings that make the food do not burn, while being more juicy, firm and more nutritious. If you are a supporter of a healthy, low-fat diet you will certainly be interested in the fact that you don’t need to use fat to fry with a pan with a non-stick coating.
In addition, replacing standard pans and pots with a ceramic cookware will be beneficial not only for your health, but also for your wallet. Modern pots and pans conductive heat very well and heat fast, so that the preparation time and energy loss diminish.

What to watch out for?

In order for the pots and pans to serve for years, it is worthwhile to take care of them. Avoid contact of the ceramic coating with sharp tools. For turning and mix use only silicone or wooden utensils. Be sure to wash the dishes manually after each use. On the gerlachshop.co.uk website you will find a more usefull information that will make everyday cooking much easier and more enjoyable.

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