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How is a good linear drain characterized by?

Already in almost every bathroom there is a shower cabin. However, more and more people are opting for such a construction without a traditional shower tray. Instead, the walls of the cabin are placed directly on a specially profiled floor in which it is necessary to install special drains. Effective dehydration in cabins of this type guarantee linear outflows, which additionally constitute a shower decorative element.

Why is the linear drain better than the point one?

In older bathrooms, very often a simple point outflow was installed in the shower. It is so far available and still preferred by some. However, modern linear shower drainages are much more functional and also look much better in the cabin. Two basic issues determine the greater functionality of the linear outflow from the point one:

The point drain is placed in the middle of the cabin and requires a slope towards all four parts of the floor. In the case of a linear drain, it is enough to incline the surface in only one direction.
Drainage often does not give advice quickly to drain large amounts of water from the shower. If someone likes to take long showers, he should choose a linear drain, which will deal with this problem faster. Modern linear outflows are more visually appealing than traditional point outlets.

What are good linear drains characterized by?

The main task of the linear drain is effective drainage of water, accumulating in the shower, and thus also protecting the rest of the bathroom from flooding. It is obvious, therefore, that the selection of the outflow should be based primarily on a comparison of parameters regarding water throughput or the type of siphon. The latter should be self-cleaning and easy to disassemble. It is good when the linear drain is equipped with a solid sealing collar and special feet to help level the drainage system. When selecting the outflow it is also worth paying attention to the material it is made of. Most of the available models are made of stainless steel, although there are also plastic drains.

Why can a simple outflow be elegant?

The answer to this question is simple, as outflow producers treat this element with the same pietism as other bathroom fittings. Each of them has a different shape and arrangement of drainage holes creating an interesting ornament. Apart from the fancy lines, there are of course also classic models with a minimal amount of decorations. As you can see, such a small thing as a shower drain, can also be a decorative element and enrich the arrangement of the entire bathroom.

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