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Problem with linear drain

Many people have shower facilities in their homes. This is a solution in some respects better than a bathtub, primarily because it takes up considerably less space. However, there are other advantages of this solution, such as faster bathing. Unfortunately, in case of showering, clog drainage may also occur. How to cope if there is a popular clutter?

Linear drain

Linear drainage is a component of a hydraulic fixture whose purpose is to gravitate the water in or out of the room and drain it through the siphon into the sewer pipe. Linear outflows are a natural extension of a point drain commonly known as a sewage grille.

Application of linear drainage

The use of linear slots allows you to give up the threshold at the entrance to the cabin and the envelope drop in the interior, which significantly improves the aesthetics. All drainage elements – drainage are usually made of stainless steel, which guarantees corrosion resistance and unmistakable appearance in use. Linear drains can be fitted with flanges, sealing cuffs, leveling feet and siphons.

What to do when the shower drain plugs?

If the outflow is clogged, there are several effective ways to remedy this. The easiest way to remove a small lock is to use a product specifically designed to remove pipes. You can also mechanically drain the drain using other means and methods.

Talking about mechanical methods, you can use a bent metal hanger. It will be good to pull out the hair that is in the tide. Another method, no longer mechanical, is the use of baking soda and soda. Put half a cup of baking soda into the drain. Immediately after, pour half a cup of vinegar. Cover the drain with a cloth. Soda in combination with vinegar will cause a reaction that allows the tail to drain. Wait at least 20 minutes. Or even a few hours before you take the next step. Boil water in the kettle and then pour it firmly into the drain to remove the lock.

Shower is very good solution especially in case of small flat. However, when there is linear drain stuck, it is possible to use some of home metode to make it permeable again.

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