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The most suitable fabrics for tailored dress

Would you like to have a tailored dress but you do not know what fabric to choose from? Which one is suitable for tailored everyday dresses and which will look beautiful at an evening dress? This article will point out some excellent choices for the tailored dresses.

The most popular fabrics for unique dresses

Firstly, it is worth to pay attention at cotton that is a very universal fabric. It is a slightly shiny but its smooth surface fits the body well. It is also cool to touch and drafty so it will be perfect for warm and sunny days. However, if you dream of more shiny dress, you may choose a cotton satin. It has a smooth texture and gloss. It adapts perfectly to the body.

If you are looking for the excellent dress for the evening you definitely have to select jacquard fabric. It has a luxurious appearance and its pattern can imitate embroidery. The dress can be very simple and without any complicated pleats- the fabric is decoration itself. The jacquard fabric has a clear pattern and it is rather thick fabric but at the same time, it is durable and easy to cut and sew. It does not deform and it looks great after many years.

Another interesting material for your skirts or dresses is an artificial leather which is now extremely fashionable. It imitates the real skin well but at the same time it is much cheaper, easy to process and ethical that is also important to many people. The clothes made of artificial leather are perfect fabrics for a daily dress to work or for colder days.

You should not also forget about satin

Satin is well-known to everyone as a fabric for dresses for special occasions. It is smooth, shiny and it is associated with silk. It folds beautifully and at the same time it is drafty. You may be certain that even a simple dress made of satin attracts attention.

As it can be seen there are numerous fabrics that can be used. If you need some more information about the fabrics for dress, visit our website at ctnbee.com/en where are located other suggestions and ideas.

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