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What are benefits of wet room kits?

Life, which provides us with new dilemmas at every turn, consists of continuous choices. Technological development means that we have more and more of them. The reason is simple – the more products on the market, the bigger the problem with what you decide to do. Until recently, the biggest trouble when arranging a bathroom was: a bath or a shower with wet room kits? Now, deciding on the second exit, there is another dilemma: a traditional shower or a linear drain?

A good-looking paddling pool, which has become the hero of many Polish bathrooms, tries to adapt to the changing reality in which this product should adapt to the needs of consumers, and not vice versa. Rather, we should not have problems related to the limitations of the nature of our bathroom and finding the right size and shape of the shower tray. Nowadays, shower trays are available in various shapes (square, rectangular, semi-circular, and even some companies offer custom-made). In addition, we have a large selection when it comes to the material from which it is made – we can opt for an economic version in the form of a shower tray made of acrylic or more luxurious, like a ceramic or stone shower tray.

If we cannot afford a bath and shower in one bathroom, then the right shower tray can become a great compromise. What does it mean? Of course, we are talking about deep paddling wet room kits, in which we calmly bathe the child or do hand washing. If you are looking for a more modern and minimalistic shower tray, we have at your fingertips low shower trays, which do not stick out much above the bathroom floor level.

How do you clean a linear drainage?

Simple, easy and pleasant! Certainly compared to the traditional paddling pool and all its recesses. The drain, mounted on a flat surface, has an easily removable cover, under which there is a movable drainage grille. Access to the entire system is much easier than in a traditional shower tray, where cleaning is limited to cleaning the external strainer, and deeper intervention requires the use of additional tools.

A linear drain in every bathroom?

Theoretically, there are no obstacles. The linear drain requires two basic technical solutions – the appropriate ‚height’ of the floor and the drop under the shower. The floor height means the place where the drain and siphon are installed. In the case of a traditional shower tray, the whole installation is simply underneath, and the raised bowl masks all hydraulics. In the case of a linear drain, we need to ‚find’ a place for installation under the floor. One option is to get into a small depth compared to the floor surface. The second is the use of a lift or a step that diversifies the floor level in the bathroom and can become an additional interesting architectural solution.

Read more on wetroomsdesign.co.uk/wet-room-shower-trays.

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