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What should be remembered in case of linear drains?

There are many different ways to bathroom facilities in place to bath. There are many possibilities. From ordinary simple baths through exclusive Jacuzzi to shower cabins. Options to choose from are many. Bathing areas are becoming increasingly popular. This is the space in the bathroom with a shower attached to the wall. It differs from the ordinary shower cabin in that there is virtually no surface limitation. Remember, however, about the proper drainage. In this type of zone most commonly used are linear drains.

Linear drainage optically enlarges the bathroom

Traditional floor trays clearly show in the bathroom the place where the shower cabin is located. In the case of line and wall outlets it is different, because the floor throughout the bathroom creates one level. This makes the optical impression of bathroom enlargement which is particularly important in small spaces. The side panels of the shower cubicle may reach the floor level or alternatively you can separate the shower enclosure with a low framing of about 5-10cm. In both cases it is very important to accurately seal the shower enclosure with the floor elements so that water does not drain to the rest of the bathroom surface.

Linear drains – let’s remember about moisture insulation!

It is important to have adequate moisture-proof insulation under the tiles. This will allow you to use the shower cabin for a long time without the risk of falling off the platelets or mold and fungus. Insulation under the tiles can be made of liquid film or special sealing compounds. The most popular solution is ready-made liquid films, which are applied to the floor with a brush. Good quality film creates a coating resembling a bit of rubber insulation. This insulation is so flexible that it protects us from the uncontrolled vibrations of the floor and walls in the bathroom.

Bathing area is becoming increasingly popular in modern bathrooms. This is definitely a convenient solution because you can get a lot of space. However, keep in mind the proper linear drainage and insulation.

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